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Slade's Mill Apartments is in a historic building, which is located at 770 Revere Beach Parkway at the border of Chelsea and Revere. It was converted from Slade’s Mill originally built in 1721 as a tidal powered grist mill. The building was gut renovated in 2003-2004 into its present use.

  • History

    1721- 1734 The mill was built as a tidal-powered grist mill […]

  • Museum

    In 1972 The mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places.The 1st floor has a museum[…]

  • Community Activities

    Lots of shared space great for the community gathering, cook out, even canoeing[…]

Useful Info

Convenient location for easy access to Supermarket...


The renovation of the building incorporated some of the original features of the spice mill.
The building houses pieces of historic equipment, artifacts, and signs.
Most units feature the original hardwood floors and some have exposed wood/fixtures from when the mill was in operation.
Other attractive features, in some units, include exposed brick walls, cathedral ceilings, loft, and water views of Mill Creek.
 It cannot be replicated in its current form and its distinctive features to be a unique community which should continue to attract and retain professionals who work in Boston area to live with a pride.

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One Bedroom

Spacious one bedroom apartment with lots of characters […]


One bedroom size of apartment with beautiful settings […]


Newly renovated spacious unit perfectly for your office along Revere Beach Parkway […]